this is Connie grown-up

Fan version of Adult Connie #2 :)

this is Connie grown-up

Fan version of Adult Connie #2 :)


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For those who didnt get their characters drawn in this, don’t worry! A giveaway will be hosted soon!

Okay. I really need to start searching this blogs name more often. I missed a lot of these @_@


Senpai noticed me

Sorry but I’ve been stalking following you since The Greatest Gift and you’re one of the main reasons I started a ask blog

so yeah

Dear lord! How old is this? I didn’t even notice this O_O

I see you helped other blogs before, I don't know if you still do it but could you help my blog get some followers too? If so thank you!

Here you go.

Bent on vengeance as ever.

That’s lower than low.

Has the mystery of Venus's missing body solved yet?

The story of Venus’s missing body is a dead crossover. Since the crossover never got started, Venus has to be put back where she was, in the ground.

(Mod) Wait, which posts were "Gender Play"? I seem to have forgotten....

The one where the girls turn Iniduoh into a mare and takes him to a club.

Those "Gender play" posts are transphobic and make me quite a bit uncomfortable :/

Boy, are you in for a ride.